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What are the main benefits of asphalt?

What are the main benefits of asphalt?

Asphalt is a commonplace material because of its high durability and low cost associated with its installation and maintenance. Made from liquid asphalt and fillers such as sand, the components are easy and affordable to acquire. It is common to use asphalt in the construction of highways because it can be installed in a relatively short amount of time, reducing the inconvenience to motorists and allowing the construction projects to progress much quicker.

Increasing safety on the roads with asphalt

Safety is one of the main benefits with this type of road or driveway surfacing. It effectively reduces the occurrence of surface water and moisture on the road – a problem that can cause hydroplaning and an increase in accidents during wet weather. In addition to how well it performs in adverse weather conditions, asphalt is also known for its anti-skid properties. Tires can grip to the road better than with other types of surfacing, increasing the effectiveness of braking. Another safety feature is the inclusion of colored aggregate, which can be added during the mixing process to create bright surfacing for use in bike and bus lanes. These colored lanes are much more visible to motorists and have been proven to improve the safety of those traveling on them.

It is also a material of choice for those who are interested in the welfare of the environment. Asphalt can be mixed with recycled materials such as used car tires without compromising the integrity of the surface. Not only does it create a surface that produces less noise from passing traffic and better durability, but this practice also saves the tires from ending up in a landfill and helps reduce unnecessary waste.

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