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What is asphalt?

What is asphalt?

Asphalt is a mixture of several different materials that are bound together under a high heat. The asphalt mix is mainly made from sand, gravel and other similar materials, known as aggregate and the rest is a binder made from sticky crude oil residue that acts as a strong sealant and glue. When added together and heated correctly, this mixture creates a hard-wearing and durable surface that is often used on roads, sidewalks and roofing. Because it can withstand heavy weathering, it is a versatile material that has been used on a wide range of other applications such as airport runways and shipbuilding.

Most parking lots use asphalt. It can be painted on to create highly visible marked lanes and bays. It is also used in sidewalks and cycle lanes where the surface needs to be highly visible. One of great things about the material is the ability to use different aggregate components to create other color or texture surfaces. It is this versatility that makes asphalt a top choice for construction jobs around the world.

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