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Preventive Efforts for Your Lot by Asphalt Companies in Pekin IL

As much as we’d like our asphalt to stay as intact and as beautiful as the day it was put down, wear and tear from vehicles, feet, weather and other sources over time can require it to be replaced.

But the good news is that regular maintenance and repair can significantly extend its life-cycle. This can be as simple as patching holes or occasional new paving. Consistent investment of maintenance can save you thousands of dollars.

Every situation and location is different. So, that’s why businesses or residential communities want all sorts of options from asphalt companies in Pekin IL.

Because several companies in the region work with asphalt, businesses determine what services they need ahead of time. This can include looking at the quality of past jobs or reading reviews.

While a big part of searching for good asphalt companies in Pekin IL is focusing on the job they perform, other factors can be considered. For example, you must consider affordability, the quality of staff training, and the overall attention to customer service. And thankfully, you can get the best in all these factors when you choose Hoerr’s Blacktop & Sealcoating.

Useful for Residents and Businesses

Hoerr’s Blacktop & Sealcoating is an excellent example of a family-owned asphalt company that prides itself on offering a variety of services to the community. This includes everything from repairing and replacing pavement to working with construction companies and builders to place down new pavement. Additionally, you may require related services such as drainage, excavation and installation.

You’ll be excited to learn that Hoerr’s Blacktop & Sealcoating is one of the asphalt companies in Pekin IL that offers:

Asphalt Companies Pekin IL
  • Striping and pavement marking, such as in parking lots. This not only looks good but can improve safety since drivers will have a more precise idea of where to park. If markings have faded over the years, it’s easy to guess or park in illegal or unsafe areas simply because you can’t see. This attention to detail also can help a business comply with any local parking laws.
  • Asphalt crack repair. One of the challenges with asphalt is that a small crack probably isn’t going to stay that way. Over time, cracks can get broader and deeper, going from a minor flaw to a significant safety hazard that people can run the risk of tripping in. It creates an uneven surface for wheelchairs, walkers with canes or others with mobility challenges.

For more information about asphalt options for your home or business or to request a free job quote, please call (309) 228-9276 or visit our headquarters in Edwards, IL at 7917 N. Kickapoo-Edwards Road.