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Property Drainage
Property Drainage

Trust Hoerr’s Blacktop and Sealcoating with Your Property Drainage Needs

Property drainage is an important part of keeping a home or business protected from excessive rain, flooding, melting snow, or other threats. Flooding not only causes extensive damage to buildings and their content, it can also weaken soil and cause structural damage. The proper drainage of water is also critical to sound pavement as water is the biggest threat to undermining its structure.

Water is designed to flow through the path of least resistance and it can pool up quickly. Yards, gardens and trees that drown in excessive standing puddles can die and become problematic. Rain can sweep away soil, and wash away stones, turning your property into a mess. Consulting a property drainage professional can help you prevent water damage from future storms or natural disasters.

In addition to ruining items, too much moisture can lead to other problems. Mosquitoes breed in standing water. Not only are they a nuisance, but they can spread blood-borne diseases and illnesses. Mildew and mold, which affect the sinuses and breathing of anyone nearby, can grow exponentially in places with excess moisture. Properly redirecting or draining water can dry everything up and keep it clean. Also, it can prevent messes, rotting and other damage. Did you know that water and soil are very heavy and put a lot of pressure on a basement? Prevent dangerous implosions or collapses by making sure everything stays dry.

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