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Asphalt Milling
Asphalt Milling

Let Hoerr’s Remove and Recycle Your Old Asphalt

If you are removing or repaving your asphalt property, asphalt milling can significantly reduce costs through the recycling of your existing pavement. Not only does the process reduce costs for transporting new asphalt, it also allows for the effective recycling of old pavement on-site with the new asphalt material.

There are many benefits to asphalt milling, for both the consumer and the environment.


  • Lower cost than complete reconstruction
  • Traffic flow can resume after the surface is milled
  • Existing curbs and gutters are able to remain intact


  • Recycling allows for a more sustainable use of asphalt, which saves resources and energy
  • Surface drainage is improved due to resurfacing
  • Lower greenhouse gas footprint by using recycled material

How it works

The process utilizes two vehicles, which consist of the milling and the receiving trucks. Working in conjunction, the material that is milled is conveyed from the milling drum into the awaiting heavy duty truck. Working at a slow forward speed, the process can be one continuous motion, allowing for effective and accurate removal of the top asphalt layer.

Effective milling can help to correct drainage problems, which can prevent future premature deterioration of the sub-base layer. Once the asphalt is removed, it is easier to identify any areas of concern, which can then be addressed in order to ward off more costly repairs in the future.

Additionally, asphalt milling can remove the base and subbase material if damage is present.

If you find yourself in need of asphalt milling, call Hoerr’s Sealcoating Service toll free at 309-222-2979 or contact us here and you will be put in touch with a qualified technician that can assist and provide you with a free estimate today. We are proud to serve the Peoria, Bloomington, and Galesburg areas with the best quality asphalt milling available on the market.