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Blacktop Peoria IL

We Offer Durable Blacktop in Peoria IL

Blacktop and asphalt may look similar, but they have subtle differences. Though, in general, blacktop is used more for residential roads, playgrounds, driveways, parking lots and pathways because they don’t have a heavy traffic load.When you need blacktop in Peoria IL, call Hoerr’s Blacktop & Sealcoating, where we are a trusted company in the community for delivering exceptional attention to detail and quality finished products. From new paving and repairs to milling and seal coating, we offer every solution. Our team members have lots of experience in tailoring to the unique needs of customers, offering a personalized approach to keeping your driveways and pathways looking good. Understandably, you want your asphalt paving to last for many years to come. That’s where we come in.

Types of Paving Services We Offer and More

Blacktop is our most popular service, but we offer a wide spectrum of other services, such as:

No matter which service you need, you will love what we can do with your road, driveway or walkway needs.

Blacktop vs. Asphalt

There are a couple of differences between the two.


Blacktop is mostly used for residential roads, playgrounds, driveways, parking lots and pathwayssince they don’t have a high traffic and weight load compared with major roadways that utilize asphalt.You’ll typically see blacktop used for walking trails, outdoor basketball courts, driveways and roads in a neighborhood.

Blacktop is just about identical to asphalt, but it’s made differently, with a varied crushed stone and bitumen ratio. If you notice, a blacktop surface sparkles more than asphalt due to a higher percentage of natural stonethat’s been crushed into the mix.


Asphalt is used in major roadways and parking lots that get a lot of heavy vehicular traffic over extended periods. But its flexible, water-resistant qualities also make it ideal for:

  • Airport runways
  • Soundproofing
  • Damp proofing
  • Cable coatings
  • Tile underlying waterproofing
  • Building waterproofing
  • Reservoir and pool linings
Blacktop Peoria IL

Asphalt is comprised of two main ingredients: crushed stone and bitumen, a viscous black material made from petroleum distillation. Bitumen is also found in flexible asphalt tiles commonly used for roof shingles.

Overall, asphalt is smoother than blacktop. But rest assured, we are skilled in the application of both.

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