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Hoerr's Service for Crack Sealing Galesburg IL

Contractor Near Me for Asphalt Crack Sealing in Galesburg IL

Hoerr’s Blacktop & Sealcoating is your home for the most trusted local contractors for asphalt crack sealing in Galesburg IL. Our family-owned company serves both corporate and residential clients. For the past 13 years, we have provided services certified with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. Our asphalt crack sealing services can provide you with the following benefits:

  • A Longer Life for Your Pavement – Sealing cracks in your pavement helps to prevent water penetration, deterioration, and oxidation. In addition, crack sealing services often can keep your pavement surface smooth for up to or more than 5 years.
  • Water Damage Prevention – Water seepage into your pavement causes cracks and holes when the water expands and contracts. You can avoid that damage by sealing cracks to prevent water seeping below the surface.
  • Enhanced Beauty and Safety – Unattractive cracks in your commercial parking lot or residential driveway can take away from your curb appeal. Plus, cracks can lead to damage to your tires and your vehicle.

If you have noticed cracks in your pavement, contact us to request a free quote on repairs.

Signs You Need Asphalt Crack Sealing in Galesburg IL

Give us a call if you see notice damage on the surface of your pavement. Our asphalt contractors can tell you whether you might need our service for crack sealing in Galesburg IL. For quick reference, call our experts if you notice any of the following damage:

  • Alligator Cracks – Alligator cracks are small surface defects that cover a big area of your pavement surface. They get their name from a strong resemblance to alligator skin. These cracks provide evidence of water seepage that will further deteriorate your pavement.
  • Discolored Pavement – The sunlight causes asphalt pavement to oxidize. Over time, this will fade your pavement from a black color to gray. When that happens, your pavement will start to become brittle, making it more susceptible to forming cracks.
  • Edge Cracks – These kinds of cracks are caused by settlement of underlying material, lack of lateral support, or earth drying. Typically, these longitudinal cracks within a few feet of the edges of the pavement are signs you need better drainage.
  • Slippage Cracks – If you notice crescent-shaped cracks, you likely have slippage cracks. These types of cracks can be caused by many different things. Whether it was poor asphalt mix or non-adhesive materials like dirt or water in between layers that affected bonding, the problem needs to be addressed or the cracks will get worse.

Sealcoating and Pavement Services Available

Hoerr’s Blacktop & Sealcoating handles sealcoating and pavement projects of all kinds, including crack sealing in Galesburg IL. Call us for affordable solutions when you need the following services:

Crack Sealing Galesburg IL

Free Quotes for Crack Sealing in Galesburg IL

Hoerr’s Blacktop & Sealcoating experts specialize in asphalt crack sealing in Galesburg IL. Call us today at 309-228-9283 to request a free estimate. If you prefer, you can also request a quote by using our online contact form. Our clients refer us to other businesses, friends, and family with their favorablecustomer reviews.