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How does rain affect asphalt paving
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How Does Rain Affect Asphalt Paving?

Hoerr’s Blacktop & Sealcoating contractors have the answers to your important questions like, “how does rain affect asphalt paving?” Our asphalt pavement experts have provided reasonably priced new asphalt paving, asphalt repair, and asphalt sealcoating services since 2009. Our professionals understand all the effects that rain can have on your pavement. So, they can help you protect your asphalt from costly damage that can occur. Email us now to get a free quote for new paving or for solutions to existing pavement problems.  We work on road, driveway, parking lot, and public lot asphalt paving projects in Peoria IL, East Peoria IL, Washington IL, Pekin IL, Morton IL, Galesburg IL, and surrounding areas in Central Illinois.

How does rain affect asphalt paving

Understanding What Rain Does to Pavement

It is important to grasp what rain does to asphalt pavement to answer the question, “how does rain affect asphalt paving?” New asphalt pavement consists of a mixture of aggregate and oil. After asphalt is applied, the oil inside the asphalt takes time to settle. However, rain can have incredibly damaging effects on the asphalt. It can trigger a reaction that causes the oil in the asphalt to rise to the surface. If that happens, the pavement will not cure properly, leading to several significant problems. Cracks, potholes, and premature degradation of the pavement surface and eventually its base layer can all happen if rain causes problems with asphalt curing.

How to Prevent Asphalt Damage

Now that we have identified how rain affects asphalt paving, it is important to take steps to prevent the damage it can cause. You can maximize your investment in asphalt paving and extend the useful life of your pavement by doing the following:

  • Plan Your Project Around the Weather Forecast – You can eliminate the risk of rain damaging your pavement by monitoring weather forecasts. If possible, make sure that your asphalt paving is installed or repaired on days when the forecast calls for clear conditions. For new asphalt paving, it is best for the weather to remain nice and sunny for a few days after the asphalt is applied. That way, the asphalt gets all the time it needs to cure properly.
  • Hire Professionals to Do the Work – Hoerr’s Blacktop & Sealcoating contractors bring years of experience and services highly recommended on customer reviews to your project. Our paving pros use the best methods, materials, and equipment to install or repair pavement for driveways, streets, parking lots, and public lots.
  • Invest in Asphalt Sealcoating – Sealcoating your asphalt will keep your asphalt protected from severe weather conditions and premature deterioration. For new asphalt paving, check with our contractors to find out the best time to schedule asphalt sealcoating
How does rain affect asphalt paving

Contact Us to Protect Asphalt Paving from Rain

Hoerr’s Blacktop & Sealcoating contractors are the top local pros to call when you need answers for questions like, “how does rain affect asphalt paving?” Our pavement experts can provide you with all the services you need. As a result, you can avoid problems with new paving projects and keep your existing pavement protected from damage. So, use our online contact form now. If you prefer, you can also call 309-222-2979 to request a quote or ask a question. In addition to asphalt paving, we can also help residential and commercial clients with concrete pavement services, too.