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The 5 Main Reasons You Cannot Afford to Go Without Sealcoating
The 5 Main Reasons You Cannot Afford to Go Without Sealcoating

The 5 Main Reasons You Cannot Afford to Go Without Sealcoating

Maintaining the asphalt or pavement of your driveway or parking lot is no simple task. Especially in Illinois, where weather is “unpredictable,” at best, your blacktop can take a beating that reduces its overall lifecycle. However, there are options for keeping your driveway or lot in decent shape, and it doesn’t involve extensive repairs or complete replacement. Instead, sealcoating in Peoria IL can help keep your pavement beautiful for years past its prime. And before you’re done reading what the top five reasons are for why you should sealcoat your lot or driveway, you’ll be convinced in your decision to give Hoerr’s Blacktop & Sealcoating a call.

1) A Protective Coat

There are many problems your blacktop can face throughout its lifespan: oil or gas spills, UV rays, freezing and thawing, and repeated use, to name a few. And, unfortunately, with most of these issues, they cannot be easily avoided. Thus, sealcoating your driveway is an excellent preventative measure for crumbling and decay. A layer of sealcoating can repel heat, water, chemicals and just about anything else for many years.

2) Prevent the Need for Repairs

Over time, cracks can begin to form in your pavement. While this isn’t necessarily an immediate problem, small cracks can begin to transform into larger, deeper ones. And eventually, these cracks will form into breaks or potholes in your blacktop. However, before your cracks reach such a point, mend them with sealcoating. While sealcoating cannot outright reverse cracking, it can prevent it from getting worse.

The 5 Main Reasons You Cannot. Afford to Go Without Sealcoating

3) Keep You Safe

Safety is at the top of everyone’s minds. And especially for business owners, you want to ensure your parking lots are always safe and up-to-code. With sealcoating, you help prevent cracks from getting worse. When your lot or driveway breaks down, it can become dangerous to walk or drive on. Furthermore, sealcoating helps ice and snow melt faster and repels water from penetrating the pavement. Thus, your lot stays relatively dry and damage-free.

4) Help Your Property Look Good

After plenty of time out in the sun and rain, your driveway’s color will begin to fade. And if you’re mainly trying to bring some curb appeal to your home or business, you don’t want your pavement looking old or run-down. Thankfully, with sealcoating, appearance is no longer an issue. A coat of sealcoating is akin to a fresh coat of paint. It freshens up the way your lot or driveway looks and helps it to maintain its appearance for longer.

5) Affordability

Ultimately, sealcoating your pavement will save you money in the long run. Sealcoating helps prevent cracks from getting worse, so you don’t have to spend more on repairs. Furthermore, if your lots and driveways are well maintained, you won’t need to shell out more money for a replacement. And sealcoating is incredibly affordable compared to repairing or replacing asphalt.

The 5 Main Reasons You Cannot. Afford to Go Without Sealcoating

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