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Team of contractors spreading asphalt on a roadway to fix a patch during asphalt repair in Central Illinois

Cracked and Crumbling Pavement? Consider Asphalt Repair in Washington IL

Cracks in your pavement are more than unsightly. These cracks can expand if left unchecked, eventually crumbling and unraveling your pavement. The worse the condition of your asphalt gets, the less likely restoration is possible. For this reason, immediate asphalt repair is necessary when you begin to notice issues with your lots or roadways. Count on Hoerr’s Blacktop & Sealcoating for exceptional asphalt repair in Washington IL.

Signs Your Asphalt Needs Repair

It’s important to be vigilant for potential problems on your pavement. While you might not notice anything after the first few years, some superficial signs of wear and tear will appear as your asphalt ages. Not to mention, weather in the Midwest doesn’t help slow deterioration to any degree. As such, it might be time for asphalt repair when finding:

  • Cracks – Asphalt cracks can reach deep below asphalt’s surface, allowing water and chemicals to eat away at your pavement from the inside. Be especially weary of cracks that cover a large area of pavement, also called alligator cracks.
  • Pooling Water – Areas where water and moisture pool on your pavement are the first signs of potential dents and potholes. Leveling these areas will help with drainage and ensure water damage doesn’t continue to occur.
  • Uneven Surfaces – If your asphalt’s surface is buckling or warping, this can be the direct result of a compromised base under your pavement. And if your base is compromised, continued stress will cause the remainder of your asphalt to crack and crumble.
  • Crumbling and Pot Holes – These issues usually result from neglecting crack repair. Both potholes and crumbling pavement are dangerous for drivers and pedestrians. As long as these problems don’t plague your entire asphalt surface, repair is still possible.
  • Sinkage – Is your driveway no longer level with your garage door entrance? This is called sinkage, caused by your pavement’s base beginning to erode. This erosion is due to rainwater and downspouts depositing too close to pavement and structures.

Additional Asphalt Work

If asphalt repair in Washington IL isn’t enough to resolve your pavement problems, Hoerr’s provides an array of exceptional asphalt services. For years, we’ve supplied the best asphalt solutions to homeowners, businesses and city municipalities throughout Central Illinois. Being family-owned and operated, we take great care to treat our clients with the respect they deserve. Some of our additional asphalt services include:

Contractor sealing cracks during Asphalt Repair in Washington IL

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Don’t let the condition of your asphalt get any worse! With fast, high-quality, affordable asphalt repair in Washington IL, you can ensure your pavement lasts decades. To learn more or request a quote, call Hoerr’s Blacktop & Sealcoating today at 309-222-2979. We are located at 3715 N Trivoli Rd, Trivoli, IL 61569.