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Chip and Seal on road in Peoria IL

Consider Chip and Seal in Peoria IL for Roadways, Driveways and More

Keeping up with the repair and maintenance of your asphalt can be a challenging ordeal. Climate, chemicals and weather all impact the state of your asphalt. And with each passing season, your asphalt is at further risk of cracking and deteriorating. However, there are ways to maintain the integrity of your pavement. One such method, chip and seal, is used by countless businesses and homeowners throughout Central Illinois. If interested in chip and seal for Peoria IL, be sure to talk with the pavement experts at Hoerr’s Blacktop & Sealcoating.

What is Chip and Seal?

Chip and seal (also known as chipseal) is when an existing pavement surface is treated with a mixture of asphalt, water and crushed gravel. You’ll most typically see chip and seal throughout the Midwest used for rural roads and driveways. However, this method for asphalt preservation can also be utilized for parking lots and highways.

Why Choose Chip and Seal?

There are numerous benefits to the chip and seal process and its after-effects on your asphalt. For example, its advantages include:

1. Quick Installation

Compared to applying asphalt or repairing pavement, chip and seal is relatively quick and straightforward. After applying the asphalt mixture to your pavement surface, it will be set and ready to drive over only after a few days.

2. Cost-Effective

In addition to a quick installation, chip and seal is one of the most cost-effective methods for repairing or maintaining asphalt. As it takes less effort to implement, labor costs are kept lower. Additionally, the cost of materials is significantly less, as much of what chipseal consists of is recycled asphalt.

3. Incredible Water Resistance

Water can do more damage to your asphalt than you might think. Thus, chip and seal is incredibly useful, as it adds a layer of water-resistant protection to any asphalt surface. Also, chip and seal provides an anti-glare sand anti-skid surface; so, if driving in rain and poor weather conditions, wet asphalt with chipseal is less hazardous than asphalt without.

4. Increased Longevity

Among the several options to protect your asphalt and extend its longevity, chip and seal is popular throughout the Midwest. Chip and seal can be a standard part of road maintenance every few years, so you can continue extending your asphalt’s lifespan.

Chip and Seal repair in Peoria IL

Talk with Our Team

If looking for a quick and affordable way to repair and maintain your asphalt, chip and seal in Peoria IL is your best solution! To learn more about chipseal or our other pavement repair, maintenance and installation services, contact Hoerr’s Blacktop & Sealcoating at 309-300-3736. Also, we are located at 7917 N Kickapoo-Edwards Rd, Edwards, IL 61528.