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Sealcoating Pekin IL

Choose Hoerr’s for Sealcoating in Pekin IL

Hoerr’s Blacktop & Sealcoating is your local specialist when it comes to sealcoating for residential and commercial clients. The harsh Central IL weather can take a toll on pavement that has been left unsealed, through the application of quality asphalt sealant. We know the importance of the effective protection that comes from asphalt sealcoating, saving you expensive repairs in the future. Choose Hoerr’s for sealcoating in Pekin IL.

Quality sealcoating protects against:

  • Sunlight or UV rays that dry out pavement
  • Water penetration
  • Salt, chemicals, and petroleum products

Why is Sealcoating so Important?

There are many reasons, but first, it starts with applying a quality sealcoat. With sub-par sealcoats, you could be repeating the job earlier than necessary.

Effective sealcoating does many things:

  • Acts as a barrier
  • Prevents external elements from damaging the durability of the pavement
  • Extends the lifespan of your surface

Signs You Need Sealcoating in Pekin IL

If you notice any of these signs in your parking lot, driveway or roadway, call us right away:

  • Small cracks: If your surface has small cracks, it should be sealcoated before cracks widen. More significant damage will have to be addressed first, such as filling large cracks with a crack filling agent, and repair of any size potholes.
  • Vegetation growth: You may see some sprouts inside small cracks – this is a sign of crack formation. Even hairline cracks can encourage vegetation. If there is a plant there, this means roots are growing beneath the surface.
  • Surface color fading: Surfaces should have a deep black finish. Yes, it will fade over time, but when your surface gets to a grayish-black color, you should sealcoat it again to restore and protect.
  • Normal aging: You should get your driveway or parking lot sealcoated every three to five years to preserve its appearance and structural integrity.
  • Cold weather is coming: Frost below the surface can compromise your driveway, especially if it’s already compromised by existing damage or has heavy traffic coming through regularly.
  • Stains: A buildup of leaked vehicle fluids and other chemicals, such as motor oil and coolant, can seep through unprotected asphalt. A fresh sealcoat can prevent that.
Sealcoating Pekin IL

We Also Offer:

  • Asphalt paving can last 25 years or more, if well maintained, making this a cost-effective paving option. Asphalt paving is considered to be one of the “greenest” products available, thanks to its low maintenance requirements and durability. We only work with the best materials available, asphalt being the material of choice for nearly all of the paved roads in the nation.
  • Asphalt repair: We provide expert asphalt repair, including asphalt crack repair.While asphalt is one of the most durable pavements, it will deteriorate over time. Sun, rain, extreme temperatures, oil and gas, salt, and chemicals can lead to the breakdown of the pavement surface. Let us repair it.

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