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A machine spreading asphalt over pavement during chip and seal services in Central Illinois

For Long-Lasting Pavement Resurfacing, You Need Chip and Seal in Morton IL

As your property’s asphalt begins to deteriorate, what can be done to restore it? Even for heavily trafficked roads and highways, restoring and maintaining pavement is always a primary concern. Thankfully, asphalt contractors like Hoerr’s Blacktop & Sealcoating know all the best methods for resurfacing asphalt. Of those methods, chip and seal in Morton IL proves to be incredibly effective and affordable. Call Hoerr’s today if you want chip seal paving for your asphalt!

What is Chip and Seal Paving?

Although chip and seal paving isn’t the only means of resurfacing your pavement, it’s one of the most popular. Due to its ease of implementation, relative affordability, and exceptional effectiveness, you can’t go wrong when choosing chip seal services. Hoerr’s lays a mixture of hot liquid asphalt over the pavement being treated using specialized trucks and sprayers. Afterward, we apply an additional layer of crushed gravel and aggregate asphalt chips to meld with the liquid asphalt, creating a protective overlay for your pavement.

What Are Chip and Seal’s Benefits?

There’s plenty to love about Hoerr’s exceptional chip and seal service! Not only can we save and restore your pavement, but we can improve the overall quality and capabilities of roadways. When we apply chip and seal overlays to asphalt surfaces, our clients can expect benefits such as:

  • Improved waterproofing – The chip and seal paving process helps fill pavement cracks that are otherwise susceptible to water damage. Not only does chip seal reverse crack damage, but it prevents water and moisture from causing further deterioration.
  • Reinforced Strength – Adding an additional layer of asphalt and gravel to your lots, driveways, or roads will help reinforce its strength against heavy traffic. In turn, your pavement undergoes less stress, receives less damage, and has its lifespan significantly extended.
  • Increased Safety – Chip seal paving provides some much-needed protection for drivers. For example, chip seal surfaces are skid-resistant and anti-glare, protecting drivers from slippery weather conditions or road glare on sunny days.
  • Reduced Cost – Because chip seal services don’t require extensive labor and use a significant portion of recycled asphalt as materials, the cost is more affordable than other asphalt services. Both contractors and clients can save with chip and seal in Morton IL!
  • Less Upkeep – Because chip seal paving has some restorative effects on pavement, it helps reduce the need for future road maintenance and resurfacing. If implemented correctly, chip and seal can extend the life of your pavement by three to five years.

Additional Asphalt Services

Apart from chip sealing, Hoerr’s Blacktop & Sealcoating offers a multitude of other asphalt services. We give our clients plenty of options for repairing, restoring, or replacing pavement. Our additional services include:

Contractors using industrial equipment to lay Chip and Seal in Morton IL

Improve Your Pavement’s Condition with Hoerr’s

Before your pavement’s condition worsens, restore and strengthen your pavement with exceptional chip and seal in Morton IL. Find the best, most affordable chip seal paving with Hoerr’s Blacktop & Sealcoating. To learn more about our services or request a quote, call 309-222-2979. We are located at 3715 N Trivoli Rd, Trivoli, IL 61569.