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Tips for Increasing Parking Lot Safety
Hoerr's Blacktop Tips for Increasing Parking Lot Safety

Tips for Increasing Parking Lot Safety

Top 10 Tips for Increasing Parking Lot Safety at Your Business

Many clients often ask us at Hoerr’s Blacktop & Sealcoating about tips for increasing parking lot safety at their business. After all, a safe parking lot provide a tremendous return on investment. Studies indicate that customers are less likely to frequent a business with parking lots in disrepair or a lack of parking. Consider these findings by INRIX regarding how customers feel about parking problems:

  • 40% of motorists avoid businesses without enough parking or lots that appear unsafe
  • Drivers are frustrated about spending on average $345 annually driving around looking for parking while shopping
  • People spend on average 17 hours annually looking for parking spaces

Meanwhile, the same study provided even more information about the importance of parking lot maintenance to improve safety. Research found that businesses with parking lots where customers felt safe received the following benefits:

  • Increased revenue from more in-store purchases
  • Higher customer foot traffic
  • Improved customer loyalty due to the perceived convenience and comfort customers had from safe shopping experiences
  • More customer confidence due to a better overall appearance

Asphalt Pavement Can Reduce Accidents

One of our tips for increasing parking lot safety at your business is to use asphalt paving services. Many businesses consider asphalt for their parking lot because it costs less than other materials. However, asphalt offers important safety benefits as well. In fact, asphalt reduces surface water that can cause customers to get into accidents from hydroplaning during wet driving conditions. In addition, tires get better grip on asphalt surfaces, improving the effectiveness of brakes during skids. Also, asphalt offers these other great benefits:

  • Tremendous Durability – Well-maintained asphalt can last for 25 years or more, delivering great performance and return on your investment
  • Eco-Friendly Solution – Our asphalt milling services recycles existing asphalt, saving energy and resources. As a result, there is a less of a carbon footprint with use of recycled materials.
  • Improved Safety – Colored aggregates included during the asphalt mixing process can provide bright surface areas. This creates better visibility for drivers and reduces the risk of accidents.

Asphalt Speed Bumps Can Prevent Reckless Driving

Next in our list of tips for increasing parking lot safety at your business is installing asphalt speed bumps. Drivers will need to slow down with these safety features in your parking lot. That way, customers walking to and from your business can feel safer during their shopping experience. In addition, you can put striping and reflectors on the speed bumps to create better visibility at night.

Protect Pedestrians with Signs, Lights, and Concrete Sidewalks

Another one of our tips for increasing parking lot at your business is installing pedestrian safety features like signage, lighting, and concrete sidewalks. Your business relies on foot traffic. However, the amount of foot traffic your business gets will suffer if customers do not feel comfortable coming and going from your building. Here is how each of these features help your parking lot safety.

  • Signs – Signage helps to control traffic flow, speed control, and alerts drivers where to watch out for pedestrians.
  • Lights – Proper lighting is a must to deter crime and improve visibility for pedestrians and drivers. Well lit parking lots can reduce the risk of burglaries, robberies, and criminal damage to your business. In addition, it helps pedestrians and drivers see each other more easily.
  • Concrete Sidewalks – Your customers need safe walkways to and from your building. Concrete sidewalks bordered by curbing, buildings, and landscaping create a safe, pedestrian friendly zone.

Parking Lot Striping Provides Safer Shopping

Next on our list of tips for increasing parking lot safety at your business is re-striping spaces or creating a new striping pattern. If your lot has went a long time without maintenance, odds are your parking areas could use some fresh paint. Consider having blacktop & sealcoating contractors perform re-striping services to make coming and going from your building easier. Meanwhile, a new striping pattern can make your lot feel less cramped. Proper striping will control traffic flow, create crosswalks to protect pedestrians, and add no parking spaces to prevent safety hazards.

Sealcoating Pavement Can Reduce Liability

Sealcoating your pavement is next on our list of tips for increasing parking lot safety at your business. You can create safer walking and driving conditions by sealcoating your asphalt pavement. Sealcoating will make the surface of your pavement less slippery in wet conditions. As a result, you can minimize the risk of traffic accidents and slip-and-fall injuries. Also, sealcoating will extend the life of your pavement by protecting it from degradation by the sun, oil leaks, and water penetration. Therefore, your pavement is far less likely to develop dangerous cracks or potholes that pose an injury risk for pedestrians and property damage risk for drivers.

Repair Potholes to Avoid Traffic Problems

Getting asphalt repair services to fix potholes is another important one of our tips for increasing parking lot safety at your business. If your lot develops potholes, it creates hazards for both drivers and pedestrians. Motorists can seriously damage their vehicle alignment, tires, and more by driving into a deep pothole. Meanwhile, distracted pedestrians who walk into a pothole can sustain a potentially serious injury. In addition, potholes can create bottlenecks of traffic in your parking lot, too. Shoppers will get frustrated if potholes create congestion because of limited safe driving areas in your parking lot.

Fix Pavement Cracks to Minimize Risks

Seeking timely asphalt crack repair services is next in our list of tips for increasing parking lot safety at your business. Asphalt cracks can create tripping hazards for shoppers walking to and from your business. In addition, asphalt cracks also pose a risk of vehicle damage for motorists. Like potholes, asphalt cracks that grow wide enough also can create traffic congestion. Most importantly, asphalt cracks that go untreated will lead to further degradation of your lot. Therefore, your business will suffer from an unappealing appearance and an inconvenience to shoppers.

Proper Parking Lot Drainage Reduces Injury Risks

The last thing a customer wants while shopping is a walk through a flooded parking lot. Therefore, making sure your lot has the proper drainage is next on our list of tips for increasing parking lot safety at your business. With water pools or puddles in your parking lot, it creates injury risks for both drivers and pedestrians. People walking through the parking lot can slip and fall. Meanwhile, motorists can skid or hydroplane and wreck into other vehicles or even your business. In addition, pools of stagnant water in your parking lot also can create unsanitary conditions that pose health hazards. However, you can avoid those concerns with the right type of drainage installed.

Snow and Ice Removal Eliminates Unsafe Conditions

Thick sheets of ice or snow drifts in your parking lot will not encourage customers to stop by and shop. For people who do pay you a visit, they are at risk of slip-and-fall injuries, vehicle damage, and traffic accidents with injuries. Therefore, seeking snow removal services is next on our list of tips for increasing parking lot safety at your business. That way, you can prevent shoppers from having a bad fall, traffic accidents between motorists, or a pedestrian being hit by a vehicle. Most importantly, a snow or ice storm will not completely cripple your sales or business operations for extended periods of time.

Tips for Increasing Parking Lot Safety

Regular Maintenance Services Prevent Problems

One of our best tips for increasing parking lot safety at your business is investing in regular maintenance services. With periodic maintenance, your business can avoid expensive repair bills and safety risks. Asphalt and concrete pavement contractors can make suggestions on services you need before it affects customer shopping experiences. Most importantly, you let your customers know that their safety is important to you. Shoppers are more likely to stay loyal to businesses that show they care about providing safe and convenient spaces to shop.

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